Green is In! St. Patrick’s Day Inspiration

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!    Green and other citrusy colors including this year’s Pantone color Tangerine Tango, are making strides in  home and wedding decor.  Who doesn’t love a wedding with a touch of green, yellow and orange, it surely puts everyone in a happy mood.  Green, it’s homey, warm and engaging.

House Beautiful recently published their decorating with green guide — what a gorgeous veiw of the many hues and tonalities of green splashed in the magazine’s  pages.  Yes, nothing else says excitiment and growth like a touch of green in your home.  You can add the hue throughout the house with accents, pillows, throw blankets, frames, mirrors and vases.  Or you can be totally adventurous using green as an accent wall color in the room, or perhaps go all the way Kermit green!

I  just finished painting my sons room that way, their choice of color to match their most beloved cartoon character.  At first, I was not sure green all around will work, but paired with some key colors, it offers endless possibities.  I chose to spice it up with a little navy, light blue, orange, red and yellow tones, and lift it up with white trim and white wood accents.  No too crazy, not to dark, just the right shade to make two little boys happy, and create a loving environment for play and rest.  Now I am ready to tackle another paint job.  Green again, maybe, but one thing is for sure, green is in — let’s party on!

Paul & Andrew's room

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