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Easter decor: Carrots, bunnies and chocolate please!

Woke up early today to a beautiful morning! Hope you are enjoy a relaxing time and munching on some chocolate as you sip your coffee like I am doing, if not I’ll save you some!  What a yummy treat! Easter time brings such wonderful dreams alive full of flowers  and compassion, of new beginnings and hope for children and adults alike.  One of the things I love about the holidays is the opportunity to try some new decorating ideas!

If you are planning Easter dinner or a simple get-together today, and are still looking for last-minute decorating tips, I invite you try some that are inexpensive and still add some fun to you festivities. For a colorful display add napkins in coordinating colors or prints. I love mixing chevron stripes with solids and some florals.  Try an alternative to Spring palettes by spicing up pinks and yellows with a little purple and black, or add navy blue, coral and sage green for a more boho-chic look.

Glassbeaded or glittered Easter eggs, my favorites, offer some light and colorful shine to a floral arrangement.  These can be easily found at craft stores, even the dollar store, and come ready to hang on Easter trees or already on picks which I wrap with floral tape for a better display.  Insert them in store-bought floral arrangement for time-saving, or enjoy making your own floral arrangement from scratch. I love adding the eggs and then working the flowers around.  Add colorful Easter grass, which  now comes in yellow, pink and multicolor, for fun.  Easter grass is also a great alternative to a runner, place at the center of the table and add your florals, candles and decorations, kids would love this display. To finish the table decor, add some of those golden wrapped Easter chocolate bunnies you find at the store.  This is a very easy addition to your tablescape and Easter display.  Easy and fun, that’s my motto.  Scatter throughout the table, or use as place settings, attaching some extra ribbon and cardstock  with the name of your love one as a place card. Once dinner is done, they will make great gifts for all!

Happy Easter and happy decorating!


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