Wedding Friday: Flowers for the Groom too!

This week I participated in a fun and very educational market chat on Twitter about developments in the wedding industry.  I was excited to see that there are so many opportunities. The wedding industry, including planners, designers, publications, blogs as well as brides and grooms, are so much more open to a diversity of ideas, cultural expressions and themes as they put together the celebration of their very special day.  In the industry today, emphasis is not only on brides, but on couples, and grooms are much more active in the planning process.

I recently designed a lovely bouquet with grooms in mind.  Many of my friends will be walking down the aisle with their respective loves, many, just like me are excited for the party and the decor, and won’t mind exchanging or bringing flowers down the aisle as a symbol of love and partnership. This idea was imbedded in my mind, and with love in my heart I designed the Groom’s Keepsake Bouquet. A little different from the bridal ones, it is inspired by the clean lines and couture of menswear.  I wouldn’t mind adding a little bling or sparkling decor if the groom needs it, I adore anything that shines.   

To the grooms walking down the aisle and to those excited to exchange not only rings but a flower– as token of love and commitment–  I hope you will consider a groom’s bouquet. Let’s start a new tradition, exchange a flower and keep it somewhere special along with the photographs of your special day.   Make it a keepsake and it will last a lifetime.


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