Wedding Friday: Sharazi Bridal Couture – Romantic Splendor and Timeless Beauty

Paris Castle wedding, gown by Sharazi Bridal Couture

Remember dreaming of your wedding day as a little girl? Or dressing up in your mom’s sparkly high heels and putting on makeup, daydreaming of flowing in your bridal gown, making your grand entrance at the church on your wedding day feeling like a princess in a storybook?  We all have fantasized about it in the most romantic way, and this is why I am so excited to feature a truly exquisite bridal collection that is elegant, refined, romantic, and modern, and  I love the designer behind it all. 

Sharazi Bridal Couture is an LA-based bridal studio under the artistic vision of couturier designer Loyce Wheatley. Loyce creates brilliant handmade one-of-a-kind couture wedding dresses for brides looking for a distinctive and very unique wedding gown that will make every girl’s wedding dreams come true. 

I asked Loyce if I could write about Sharazi Bridal Couture for the blog, and was enthralled about how much love and passion she has not only for her craft but for her clients.  She is an artist so true to her work, with the most gifted hands, that bring beauty and splendid dreams to life. Gearing for this post, I contacted a simply nice and sweet Loyce, and one our exchanges made me love her and her work more, inspired me even more to write about her gowns, and even brought some tears to my eyes!  She said “I  am passionate and love what I do for my clients, because it’s a once-in-a lifetime moment.”  I was wowed by her simple statement, and by how much she understands that brides put trust in her to make them princesses for a day.  I would have eagerly jetted all the way to sunny L.A. from Philly a few years back when I was planning my wedding,  how lovely it would be to work with her .

All that passion, artistry and knowledge, not only in design but also in crafting and tailoring, is evident in her stunning gowns defined by gorgeous lines, luxurious silks, delicate French lace, hand stitched embroidery and intricate beadwork, her signature style, showcasing sumptuous embellishments and meticulous attention to detail.  A an artisan wedding designer and a master of corsetry, Loyce uses her skills to define, celebrate and embrace the female form.  Her gowns infuse traditional lines with modern touches and gorgeous stylish twists to accentuate each bride’s personal flair and style. 

Some of her brides have dotted chic romantic Victorian inspired gowns, others casual simple straight lines, and glamorous and lavished combinations with different necklines, sleeve lengths, dress lengths, and fabric choices that are best suited for each bride, always simply elegant and modern — accentuating the bride’s personal style.  How gorgeous are her cascading veils as well, and the sophisticated skirt lines, so unique, distinctive and fabulously chic!

Loyce began her career as a graduate of  the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. She worked in the retail industry, and later on as the head designer for a Los Angeles boutique. During her tenure there, a request for a bridal gown by on of her clients sparked what is now Sharazi Bridal Couture.  Loyce not only designs the gowns herself, she works alongside her brides, her wonderful mom and with her staff to offer hands-on attention to each detail. Her workmanship and skills are crafted by trade and the loving knowledge of tailoring imbued in her work and also by her love of luxurious fabrics and by loving crafting skills handed down from prior generations in her family, including her beloved mother and grandmothers before her. 

She takes care of her brides with love and takes that wedding dress stress out of the picture, so you can concentrate on making your special day grand. Brides from around the country, and around the world, consult with her for their wedding gowns, and she is there to support her clients all the way — from measurements, to the concept and creation of the dress,  to each fitting and delivery making  sure you and your gown are simple fabulous and ready to make your regal grand entrance at your wedding. 

If I were I bride today, Loyce Wheatley and Sharazi Bridal Couture would be the great choice for my wedding gown.  Her gowns are bespoke pieces that will be treasured and cherished.  I cannot wait until my little girl is ready to walk down the aisle, and I hope in time she chooses Sharazi Bridal Couture.  I’ll be happy to take that plane ride to L.A.!  Happy Friday!

Photos courtesy of Sharazi Bridal Couture


5 thoughts on “Wedding Friday: Sharazi Bridal Couture – Romantic Splendor and Timeless Beauty

    1. Thanks so much, the designs are just amazing, and the designer has the most exquisite taste in supplies and fabrics, I just adore her! Check out her website, she is fabulous! Thanks for stopping by, see you soon!

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