Wedding Friday: Purple Inspiration

Hello luvs! Happy Wedding Friday, I’m excited today to bring purple inspiration to you. I’ve been designing a lot of bridal bouquets and wreath decorations in purple this year, and purple seems to be one of the hottest trends in wedding colors!

Photo via Wedding Chicks

I am in love with the many shades of purple from plum to midnight purple, royal purple, lavender, violet, orchid  and some very lovely dark shades of magenta.  Purple makes incredible great color combinations in partnership with pinks, greys, yellows, oranges, creams, black, white and light greens — you can find a purple combination for every season and style!

Photos via Pinterest

Here are some bouquets inspired by the purple love, but I must confess I have to work on my camera skills.   I am truly enjoying designing with purple and testing the color combinations. If you are a bride looking for wedding colors, give purple a change, you’ll feel like royalty!  Happy Wedding Friday!


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