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Color, Playthings and Fun – Ideas for Kids room decor

Decorating your child’s room is a great way to infuse color, fun and a little excitement into your home.  You can freely experiment with paint color in bold palettes, fun shapes and lively patterns. The great thing about decorating a kids’ room is that the mood, tone and color are guided by your child’s personality and you can definitely play around with color, unique decorative objects, play things and accessories.

Start by combining bold patterns, shapes, contrasting color combinations and fun visual collaborations including mix-matching fabrics and paints on the wall.  If you and your child love making crafts, utilize them to decorate as well.   Allow your child to help design, elaborate and decorate the craft idea — their vision should guide what goes up on the wall.  In addition, include a gallery of your children’s own work, not only it is a very inexpensive way to decorate, but it also give it a personal touch and can be change frequently to keep it exciting.

In the process of decorating a child’s room,  furnishings and bedding should give it a principal statement and set the tone for decorating.  Look for usable space that serves as storage and decorative displays.  Fun bookcases, tables, wall compartments or attachments can serve this purpose.Incorporate little decorative touches that allow your child to play with them while at the same time decorating the room in an easy fashion, so playthings are an important components to the room. Superheroes, Hello Kitty, gorgeous Princesses and colorful dinosaurs all can provide decorative ideas for the room.

I love handmade furniture and accessories as well as uniquely designed toys for use in room decorating.  A fabulous source for these  additions is the whimsical  Cartoon Furniture. I just love their bold palettes, cute furniture designs, they feel like a live action Dr. Seuss’s adventure.  And for adorable playthings, I cannot have enough of the sweet, adorable and totally child accessible work of My Moo Pig, designers of handmade accessories and toys.  I will have a chat tomorrow with My Moo Pig so don’t miss it and come back, you’ll love them as much as I do.

My Moo Pig Super Mario Fire & Ice Flowers

There are numerous resources online to guide you. I love a personal touch and unique one-on-one ideas for pros, designers who as parents know first hand how to blend decorating techniques with kid’s creativity. One of those great designers is Elizabeth Traub of the blog Hung Out to Buy. Elizabeth is a mom to 5, and an interior designer with over 20 years of experience, she has been featured in printed and online publications. What I love about her is that she always has a refreshing look at decorating for kids. She offers very unique cool ideas to give life, fun and a fabulous vibe to your kids rooms: anything from lighting, to the use of fabrics and cute little accents to really energize the rooms.

Photo room decor by Hung Out to Buy

Have fun incorporating little ideas to decorate your child’s room, mix paint colors in adjacent walls, incorporate different fabric patterns in the same color scheme, or play with one overall theme.  Here’s a little felt wreath by French designer Melanie of the mycosynest.blogspot you know I love wreaths and they make cute decorations too!

Have a lot of fun and enjoy the process, happy decorating!


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