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My Moo Pig – Huggable, Lovable Felt Artworks

Last year I discovered My Moo Pig on Etsy, an adorable boutique of handmade gifts, felt toys and homespun decor.  I just love dropping by every now and then to take a peek at the  Mario Bros. Fire and Ice flowers, as well as their playful felt designs and handmade gifts which can work magic added as room decor.  I asked designer Allison Nichols if we could learn a little bit more about her  My Moo Pig.  She has an extraordinary eye for detail, and I truly enjoy her whimsical collections.

My Moo Pig photo gallery

At My Moo Pig, you can find something for everyone and every age.  The toys are age appropriate for babies and toddlers, but older kids will get at kick at the lovely Mario Bros gamer inspired Flowers.  Little girls will surely invite little sweet  Ms. Green Tea Bag to the fanciest of tea parties, and new characters have arrived including my newest  fave, Mrs. Poo Lovejoy, a lovely partner for those little ones venturing into potty training. And there’s so much more at My Moo Pig:  colorful prickle-free cactus plants and artful violet plants, great for office decor.  Colorful coasters; the most aromatic sashes, warm and delicate scarves and cute brooches, all neatly handmade and with the most detailed oriented craftmanshi can be found here.

I spoke with Allison about her collection and the imagination and inspiration behind the line.

1) Where did the lovely name for your company came from, we love it, so fun!

In 2010, my son, Kingston, was a little baby.  He would make the cutest little noises and we called them “moo pigs.”   Not quit a moo, not quit a squeal! The first gifts I started making were for him.  When I gave him one, he got very excited and started “moo pigging.”  The name just stuck after that!

2) My Moo Pig is the sweetest and most exciting concept in children’s decor, gift and crafts — they are so personal and inviting!  How did the boutique and your design concepts evolved since you started your handmade business?

I started making the scarves for Kingston and I did some for friends and family.  The response was so great, I had to keep going.  Now I create whatever I feel inspired to make.  One day I was at my local farmer’s market and I just happened to be in the herbs and  spice section when I thought of adding dried herbs to make different scents for my products.

3) We know you are an accomplished and fabulous model, what impact does the fashion world have on your designs?

Working both in front of and behind the camera has taught me to pay great attention to the details.  I believe that is what separates a great product from a good product.  I pay close attention to the tread choices and the fabric choices of all of Moo Pig’s products.

4)  You have a set of very cute characters, including Mrs. Green Tea , and I love Mr. Poo, great for all those potty trainers, are there any opportunities for a series or collection based on the characters, or any new additions?

Absolutely! Mrs. Poo Lovejoy has recently been added to the Poo Family.  They are all similar but have different embellishments to distinguish characters.  Ms. Green Tea has a partner that will be joining her so be on the lookout in the next couple of weeks.  Little boys will be just as thrilled to play tea with Mr. Earl Grey Tea bag set!

5) My Moo Pig is a brand that surely has a place in the heart of children’s decor as well as in playtime, great also for adults. As the designer, do you see the impact of My Moo Pig can have in children’s decor and interactive play?

Moo Pig is clever.  Moo Pig has a special charm that makes it stand out.  Whether you’re a child or an adult, decor influences your mood. There’s lots of effort given to all of Moo Pig’s designs to infuse cleverness into any room.  My hope is that Moo Pig inspires children to ask questions about the world around them. 

Clever, colorful, happy, fabulous and fun, that is what I see in My Moo Pig.  Hope you visit their Etsy boutique and their website, follow them on Twitter and Facebook too. Stay tuned, a new exciting cast of characters will keep joining, playthings to make things more fun!

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