Wedding Friday: Celebrating Love and Life with Wreaths

I am fascinated by wreath designs and they have surely changed overtime.  Now, you not only find gorgeous decorated grapevine wreaths with sumptuous flowers, but also delicate crafted yarn wreaths with felted flowers and decor, modern sculptural wreaths with trinkets and props,  super bright and oh so colorful deco mesh wreaths  – so cheerful and happy- as well as  the new generation of designer wreaths made of repurposed frames, aluminum wire, tiles, pom poms and so much more.  They look lovely on your door, but wreaths also have a life beyond the front door. And what has been more exciting to me is the use of wreaths as decorations for events, especially weddings.

Church wreath decor from Pinterest

Wedding Decor:  Forever Love with Wreaths

The most lovely symbolism of wreath decor is the circle of love and life, hence its presence at weddings. Wreaths made of real or silk flowers and greenery add beauty to all the wedding festivities. They can be used at the bridal shower, or to decorate the church or the wedding ceremony, and they make lovely alternatives as aisle decorations, and are delicate additions to a sweet table as centerpieces.  These unique decorations can be made to match the wedding colors, the bride’s favorite flowers or thematic decor.  You find them heart-shaped or round, rustic or glamorous complete with delicate jeweled pendants and designed with high-end ribbons or fabric.

Historical Wedding Wreath Traditions

Wreaths have been part of wedding customs and ceremonies for centuries.  The beautiful tradition of wedding wreaths is profound.  It was used first by the Greeks as a headpiece made of herbs and leaves.  In many cultures an ivy wreath is placed upon the bride and groom as a symbol of fidelity and marriage.

Personalized wedding wreath via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

During the 15th and 16th centuries, grapevine wreaths were used as wedding decorations in churches and homes.  Chinese brides wore orange blossoms fashioned as a wreath as a symbol of purity,  a custom brought to Europe during the Crusades and made popular in Victorian times.

In Ukraine and many Eastern European countries, the bridal headpiece or wreath has been used in lieu of a veil,  a delicate symbolism to be used by an unmarried girl as she makes her transition into married life.

Today they are placed at the door of churches, updated and modified to suit the modern look of contemporary weddings.
(photo from Wedding Chicks, Pinterest)


I love the flexibility of wreaths in wedding decor. Made of fresh flowers, silks or other mediums, they bring a new dimension of decor to your wedding. Make them from silks, and you can keep them as a symbol of your special day.  I will explore some ideas for incorporating wreaths in weddings along with a wreath DIY very soon, another non-traditional wreath decor alternative, so stay tuned.

Hope you incorporate these lovely wreath decor ideas in a fabulous fashion and help make your wedding special.  Happy Wedding Friday lovelies!

Wedding Wreaths and wreath chair decor by EightTreeStreet

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