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Fresh New Takes In Wedding Bouquets

I am totally excited about today’s post!  It’s our trip around the world of contemporary new looks in bespoke wedding bouquets, keepsakes that will be witness of your special day for a lifetime. Brides today have the opportunity to walk down the aisle with an amazing array of looks and modern takes on floral decor.

The latest in alternatives to traditional fresh flower bouquets are colorful, exciting and gorgeous all around.  From felt flowers to feathers, to seashells and candy (how sweet is that!), these fresh new looks in non-floral bouquets will make any bride look chic  and add that on-of-a-kind personal style.  In addition,  you don’t have to throw them away after the wedding, and they’ll be there when you open the box of wedding memories.

Let’s begin with this lovely wood flower bouquet. I love the timeless beauty and delicate features in this design by The Sunny B.   Truly romantic in nature and so organic, their floral designs will suit any bride looking for something truly special.

Handmade natural bride’s bouquet with sola wood designed by The Sunny B

This whimsical and brilliant take on Alice in Wonderland is a colorful inspiration for a bride who wants details to match the wedding of her dreams.  I am in love with all the designs by UK’s Muscari Whites Florist. They also have the most unique boutonnieres, just brilliant displays of artistry.

Alice in Wonderland inspired bouquet by Muscari Whites Florist
Felt Flower Bouquet by Muncle Fred Art

These felt flower bouquets by Muncle Fred Art are a visual delight.  Their flowers are stunning and their spectrum of color choices is amazing — over 50 color possibilities for flower design.  They hand craft each one of their flowers to perfection, making felt bouquets in different sizes so brides can choose the perfect flower style for any wedding.

This eco-friendly and fabulous sculptural bouquet is made of upcycled copper wire and the most gorgeous crystals, beads and sea-glass accents – a very elegant addition to a contemporary wedding celebration.  This design by REFINERII is gorgeous, gives that totally modern look, and as a wonderful piece of art, you’ll be able to display it long after the wedding.  Simple, gorgeous and cutting edge, I truly love this look!

I love a designer with an eye for color, detail and great imagination. I found this amazing design by Moon Maise and couldn’t keep my eyes of it. Love all the details  inspired by Tim Burton’s imagination and movies, crafted with unique artistic vision.  Moon Maisie designs makes dreams come true, a floral artist that experiments with different mediums in the most exciting way.

Paper flowers bouquet by Ever Beautifully Yours

Paper flowers allow you to explore color in many unique ways to fit the perfect wedding palette, and are suitable for formal and casual weddings.  This design by Ever Beautifully Yours offers a unique bridal accent to your wedding day and it’s also a great eco-friendly alternative.  The best part is that your favorite flowers will be always be in bloom.

Craspedia Wedding Bouquet with Felt Billy balls by Fairyfolk

Billy balls just make such a colorful statement in a wedding bouquet, and this needle felted bouquet by Fairyfolk is simple yet elegant.  If you are designing a rustic wedding, colorful winter wonderland, simply modern elegant with an urban vibe, or want to give your wedding a touch of country, these lovelies will be a great addition.

Brooch and button bouquet by Audge Podge

Sparkly jewelry based bouquets are all the rage, and this design by Audge Podge includes brooches, upcycled jewelry finds and buttons together in an elegant combination of bling and color.  I love button bouquets and brooch bouquets for their texture, you can also include pieces of jewelry from family members, and button combinations and details that you love.   Audge Podge designs also feature lovely feathers and details that make each bouquet stylish.

I love, adore fresh flowers, but there is something truly unique about a bouquet that matches your style and also serves as a keepsake.   Modern brides are experimenting with color, mediums and decorations both simple and also visually stunning, making a statement at their wedding that blends it all together to make their wedding a feast to remember.

If you are a DIY bride or want something different, check out all of these stunning faux flowers and alternative options, and let me know what do you think.  Which  trend do you like? Remember, the fun part of alternative wedding bouquets is that you can be creative and make use of unique components to make a stunning arrangement.  Have fun!


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