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ZiLLAsQuEeN: Vintage Remix in Jewelry Art Design

I love the creativity behind the necklaces and wearables designed by Victoria Zilla of ZiLLAsQuEeN.  She has the most wonderful shop full of colorful statement necklaces that display brooches and other vintage jewelry finds in a whole new life.  At her shop you find fabulous handbags, fashionista necklaces, and notebooks.  Delightful displays of wearable art and fashion jewelry designs.

So I asked Victoria to talk with us a little bit about her jewelry designs, what inspires her and how her brooches are evolving into new and wonderful pieces. 


1) When did you realize you wanted to become a designer? Tell us a bit about your background.

Counselor by day & “Create-tess extradornaire” as my students say by any other time! Have a real interest in people and helping people share themselves in creative ways! Wearing such statement pieces enables individuals to do just this! Indulging in such delights & bringing their vintage beauty out to play! It’s a gift to be able to look at a piece & wonder if you could wear it and then BAM, rock it out!

2) You work with a lot of vintage jewelry finds, making contemporary and accessible collections to brides today in a new fashion. How did you get interested in making brooch statement in necklace wear, and in your wearables.

Brooches have such a beautiful story to be told! These pieces are all about Vintage Remix; repurposing & bringing that beauty back in a new way! My mother & grandmother have used brooches for as long as I could remember so having always been exposed to them I wanted wear them differently. Wellah….Fashionista Necklaces, Handbags, Notebooks using Vintage Finds: Brooches, Pearls, Gloves, Chandelier Pieces & more!

3) What are some things that inspire you?

Moments. Time. Children. Reflection. Living in light & love!

4) I see new designs incorporating lots of bracelets and other jewelry finds,to make a wonderful statement necklace. Simply stunning! What new design ideas do you have for the lines?

The flower cluster necklaces incorporate Vintage Bangles & Brooch Flowers with complimentary beads…simply amazing! NEW…you want the inside scoop, I can tell….well, come closer so I can whisper it to you….closer…MINI MEDUSA NECKLACES! They’ve been bold & beautiful, now they will be simple & charming; you’ll fall in love! Also, coming soon…think PEARLS, that’s all I can stay write now! You’re neck is just too hungry to pass these up!

5) What trends do you seen in the wedding industry today that entices and inspires you?

Spontaneity! The planning is crucial but hoping brides can enjoy the journey of the planning! I see bold, bright, beautiful & I’m waiting for vintage trends to pick up again. LOVE the classic, timeless style, think Grace Kelly…it’s unavoidable; always here today, yesterday, & tomorrow! Currently, I’m liking the simply beauty of a gown & the GLAM of statement pieces & accessories! Of course 😉

6) Let’ talk about color, you collection today includes such a gorgeous spectrum of color, what are you most favorite palettes to work on?

Love love love color! People are afraid of color but that’s part of bringing the inner beauty out; trying something you wouldn’t normally try! BEHOLD THE BOLD as I say! Neutrals are always charming as well; classic pieces, have some of those on the way…remember pearls 😉


ZiLLA’s QuEeN: Flirting with Vintage!

All the jewelry pieces come together to create this classic, ONE-OF-A-KIND Vintage Necklace! A complete Vintage Remix of brooches, bangles, beads, chandelier glass pieces & more with stories to be told! Your neck deserves to be so happy! Each ZQ piece offers a “Vintage Remix” placed on your Neck, a notebook, or bag to create the ultimate appeal! Customize your look or select an item from the shop!

Bring the internal beauty out to play!!!

Hope you enjoyed our fun talk with Victoria. She is a true artist that brings the most beautiful pieces together to make a stunning new design. If you are a bride, or simply a fun gal, embrace the love of your inner beauty and accessorize like a queen, and think of ZiLLAsQuEeN.  PayVictoria a visit at her Etsy shop, on Facebook (she’s always got something special for all her friends) and follow her on Twitter.



Etsy Shop

Thanks Victoria and the gorgeous designs from ZiLLAsQuEeN~ it’s been wonderful!

All photographs courtesy/property of ZiLLAsQuEeN


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