Quick Tips for Picking Out Flowers for your special day!

Wedding bouquets and floral arrangements make weddings truly special and magical. A gorgeous wedding bouquet enhances your wedding gown, adds color and flair. Today, brides have so many choices available for a wonderful wedding bouquet that is not only stunning but also fits within budget, theme, color and design.

In the process of choosing your wedding flowers keep in mind the diversity of flowers that you love and enjoy. Ask yourself what are your favorite flowers, what reminds you of your future spouse, of a special bouquet he brought home.  Think of these flowers, and the special meaning to you.  Look also at the seasonal flowers available  for your wedding day as well.  Think of your wedding colors, and how you can accommodate them into your bridal bouquet design to match or complement your bridesmaids’ dresses, the reception centerpieces, and flowers for the ceremony.

If you go the traditional way, communicate  with your florist about the  flowers available in season for your wedding day. Think of way to incorporate color with crystals and rhinestone in addition to fresh flowers. Include fruits and vegetables as well, a new trend that is very organic,  for a new and refreshing touch. Play with ribbon colors, textures and choices, include brooches or something old, an heirloom perhaps, that reminds you of a special someone or time in your life. There are so many elements today to add to your bouquet to truly personalize it and make it your own.

Here are some quick tips in planning for your wedding florals as you begin the process:

1. In choosing your flowers and bouquet explore your theme, colors and flower choices. The language of flowers is something you can also explore —  look for a special flower that relates to your special day in a meaningful way.

2. Work within a budget, ask your florist for assistance, and be open to substitutes. Also research new designs in silk florals, they are beautiful, affordable and will keep as a reminder of your special day.

3. Add a little bling with brooches or jewelry, include heirloom or family pieces.  Brooch bouquets, now very much in vogue, can be done by designers or the bride herself.  If you choose to make your own, have friends, family and bridesmaids assist you in designing, shopping for brooches and producing the bouquet. It’ s  a fun and interactive way to make them feel part of something so special for the bride.

4.  Explore new design ideas in alternative bouquets. Love feathers, how about an all feather bouquet, or one make one out of Swarovski crystals, or perhaps you fancy one made out of shells for a beach themed or destination wedding. The latest in alternatives to traditional fresh flower bouquets are colorful, exciting and gorgeous all around.  From felt flowers to feathers, to seashells and candy (how sweet is that!), these fresh new looks in non-floral bouquets will make any bride look chic  and add that on-of-a-kind personal style.  In addition,  you don’t have to throw them away after the wedding, and they’ll be there when you open the box of wedding memories.

Enjoy exploring new ideas for your wedding flowers, make them unique and a style truly of your own!


Originally written by M. Kalata for EightTreeStreet.  Reblogged with written authorization of EightTreeStreet by Marika Lane for Wedding Love Knot on 8/21/2012.


3 thoughts on “Quick Tips for Picking Out Flowers for your special day!

  1. I just wanted to thank you for your kind words left on my blog post about my mother. I really appreciate you as a reader and as a kind person taking the time to leave encouraging words at this difficult time.


    Lee x

  2. Hi thanks so much for the comment, budgets are a big concern for brides, I totally respect that, I remember mine was so small back in the day when I had my wedding, but won’t tell you how long that was, but it’s been a while since I married the Mr. (he, he!) Happy Friday.

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