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Autumn Brights: Black, White, and Sunflower Colors For Home and Weddings

Hi everyone! I find this color palette to be one of the most exciting ones to work with. Black, yellow and white, offer such great opportunities to dress up a space in your home, or to decorate an event or wedding, the the colors come together in a dynamic energy. Such a rich palette to work with!

I found this awesome table decor on Pinterest. It inspired this post, I just love the vibrant colors and the way the stripes and the solids work together.  It makes the table display elegant yet so inviting!

This Ikat wallpaper is a brilliant addition to home decorating. If you have a space small in dimension or with little or not access to natural light, wall decor, wall paper or paint in this hue will open up the space and provide light.

Source: bing.com via EightTree on Pinterst

For a white and black decor, accents in yellow, sunflower and wheat color are effective in balancing the two and offering depth.

Source: houzz.com via EightTree on Pinterest

Sunflower bouquet with black/white ribbon wrap by EightTreeStreet, photo Borrowed Blue Photography

6 thoughts on “Autumn Brights: Black, White, and Sunflower Colors For Home and Weddings

  1. Love the dramatic palette for fall. The sunflower bouquet is perfect with the black and white stripes, it is bold enough to make a great statement paired with the bold reception decor.

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