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Spotlight: Fast Forward to 2013, Pantone’s new Spring Colors in Linen Decor with guest Linen Tablecloth

Happy Thursday! Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful and crisp Fall day. I asked our wonderful blog partner Linen Tablecloth for some ideas of linen colors for the new year and how to incorporate the latest trends as well as the new line of Pantone 2013 Spring colors.

1. Hi Linen Tablecloth, thanks so much for always being such a great partner to EightTreeStreet’s blog. In your opinion what new trends in linens do you see today in weddings and events?

All these forecasts about colors and new practices, for us, they’re beautiful. They’re helpful. They’re guidelines. The real trend that we’re seeing though is that, more and more brides/couples are coming forward with their own vision for their wedding. This for us is the best and fastest growing trend in the wedding community.

And that is where LinenTablecloth comes in. We inspire them with colors that they can choose from. We encourage them to move forward with their choice of designs and styles and palettes because through LinenTablecloth, affordable elegance is on their side. They can go all-out and it only takes a creative play on linens to achieve the glam look they desire to have on their wedding. And we’re glad to cover all their linen and wedding decor needs.

2. Fast forward 2013: Color Trends for Linens in the new Year, what exciting new lines and color combinations are you seeing in the picks from customers – brides and event planners?

A quick search on the Web will give you results on what’s predicted to be the hottest colors next year but you know, surprisingly, our best sellers have remained to be the same. We did notice though that brides and wedding planners take inspiration from the trends they see on magazines and social media. Then they implement these ideas and give them a creative twist by using their preferred colors.

For 2013, our Sage product line is very similar to Mint, the color that industry experts say will become next year’s hit. Our deep Burgundy also resembles Oxblood, another color that is trending online for 2013 Wedding Trend predictions. So you’ll notice that trends and fads come and go. Renamed and reinvented. Often beautifully recreated. Our role at LinenTablecloth is to cover all the linen and wedding decor needs when people want to be both stylish and trendy. We supply the linen. They provide the magic. We tend to be the go-to resource.

Also for next year, we hope to see LinenTablecloth’s Caribbean line expanding. Brides and Wedding Designers alike raved so much about this newest member of our linen collection when we introduced it recently. And we’re getting more feedback every day! We’re positive that this 2013, more people will discover the chicness and sophistication of this linen color. LinenTablecloth loves surprising its community. We definitely have new products in mind and these are product lines that our customers should watch out for.

3. Tell us a little bit about the quality and design of your linens? How do you work with clients shopping for linens online?

We carry a nice array of quality polyester tablecloths designed to fit the most common round and rectangular tables found at most venues. These tablecloths are hotel and restaurant quality and can be used again and again. They are easy to launder and dry quickly. We carry a few different material options for your accents (runners, overlays, napkins, sashes) We carry satin, organza, and in some products a metallic mesh and lace.

When helping a customer who is new to linens, we first we ask the customer to have their table and chair measurements ready so we can help give an accurate size recommendation. Once we have the table size then we give you some drop options- would you like a floor length drop or do you prefer halfway.. or maybe something in between? If you have more than one color in mind, we help you decide how you would like to accent your table, maybe runners, or overlays, napkins…and how it can be best tied all together to create a beautiful look. We will help you figure out what size overlay you will need for a drop that will compliment your tablecloth. Next we will help you find which chair covers with best fit your chairs, then help you decide whether sashes will tie the look together and what color & material will complete your color palette.

4. Save money, style your wedding pretty and design a look that will leave your guests excited, that’s what I see in your site: what new components to event planners, brides and party designers and customers do you have as part of LinenTablecloth?

Thank you! That is what we want people to realize. That LinenTablecloth makes it easier for them to afford quality and elegant weddings. And now, we are able to ship faster than ever with the addition of our Memphis Distribution Center. We find it very common for event planners (or brides for that matter) to have the need to order last minute. Now our standard shipping that used to be 4-6 business days (depending on where you are located in the US) can now be as quickly as 1-2 business days! (again depending where you are located).

Here are some pics from Linen Tablecloth and you can see how some of the 2013 Pantone colors can be achieved in your next event.  Happy decorating!

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Blog Their blog includes amazing color inspiration boards for weddings and events as well as features on unique event designers, wedding specialists and specials.

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