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DIY Fabric and Ribbon Boutonnieres Ideas

Here is a great twist on the traditional boutonniere, something special for the groom that you can make as a DIY for the wedding.  You can use fabric, ribbon, burlap and lace, to fabricate a boutonniere that matches the look of your wedding. I made this chevron fabric boutonniere with bling for a local bride with a chevron theme, for a tutorial on the chevron ribbon flower.

Ribbon flower boutonniere with brooch decoration to match the brooch bouquet we made

Here’s what you’ll need to make one:

– Ribbon, fabric strip or burlap

– Button, embellishments, feathers or brooch for the center

– needle and thread

You can also use fabric glue and dots, great for small spaces

For a simple look, you can fashion a ribbon only boutonniere, I found this tutorial in Martha Stewart Weddings very easy to do.

Ribbon Medallion Boutonniere by Martha Stewart Weddings

You can have fun adding color, texture and pattern, I love the look of this boutonniere via The Perfect Palette on Pinterest, love the mix of fabrics and the organic touch, fun for spring, summer and also fall weddings.

Enhance the look with a little bling, a fabric flower and feathers!  What kind of look do you fancy for the groom?  Let us know, we’ll love to hear from you, happy Wedding Wednesday!

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