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Wintery Holiday Centerpiece

Wintery centerpiece by EightTreeStreet, photo Klaya Marie Photography
Wintery centerpiece by EightTreeStreet, photo credt: Klaya Marie Photography

Here’s a simple DIY steps for the centerpiece:

Winter Glass Vase Centerpiece

You will need 1 cylinder glass vase 15 1/2 inches tall, I used a 6 inches wide diameter one.

Crackled glass, sand or other filler for the bottom

1 sprig of a pip berry garland for color and texture

1 Evergreen branch

Decorative accents:  Dreidels, pinecones or other ornaments as desired

Fill the bottom of your container with your filler.  I used the crackled glass filler from Michael’s which is not very expensive and adds shimmer to the vase.  I inserted the pine branches into the glass covering the bottom of the branch with the crackled glass, added a twisted sprig of a pip berry garland, and included a decorative  glittery pine cone for a winter display.  We made a similar vase using a dreidel for our Hanukkah display, so it’s quite a versatile centerpiece, for a unique and simple modern Holiday decor.

After the holidays, you can take out your decorations (dreidels/ornament, etc.) and add pinecones to have a beautiful, simple and elegant winter centerpiece.  You can substitute the pine for branches as well.

Don’t miss our blog post on vignettes for Holiday decor, coming soon. We loved working with interior designer Olios Design on that, tons of fun!  Let me know if you try this centerpiece out, and share your ideas!  Happy Holiday decorating. 

Update:  Our wonderful friend, Canadian interior designer Lynne Knowlton is hosting a Holiday DIY contest in her blog and we have included this DIY centerpiece, you can link yours too,  come see the other fantastic DIY Holiday inspiration ideas at Design the Life You Want to Live. 


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