Modern Floral Fashions for Your Wedding Day

Ready to plan the wedding and excited for that beautiful wedding gown you just got, but don’t know what flowers to pick on your wedding day to complement the dress?  Stunning new alternatives to traditional fresh flower bouquets are all the rage this wedding season, not only do they offer you the opportunity to walk down the aisle in style but also are gorgeous keepsakes that will be treasured as a memory of your big day.  These fabulous alternatives come in a variety of designs, brooch bouquets with crystals and rhinestones or vintage brooches; modern  pearl bouquets; delicate Boho Chic fabric and jewelry flower bouquets; unique all feather bouquets, and many more stylish jewelry designs.

Photo PSquare-Jen Reilly
Photo PSquare-Jen ReillyPhotography

These bouquets are all handcrafted and assembled in a gorgeous design that more than a wedding bouquet is a stylish piece of art. Some mix silk  flowers in the design to bring a little bit of color to the look. These bouquets are made of a combination of brooches, vintage jewelry, crystal and fashion brooches and accessories each one chosen with care and love, specially designed for brides all over as an everlasting symbol of love.

Photo Borrowed Blue Photogaphy
Photo Borrowed Blue Photography

These theme bouquets are amazing, they are festive, colorful and so unique. That is the beauty of non-floral bouquets as an alternative on your wedding day, they offer a unique way to personalize your wedding style as you walk down the aisle.  Include a cherished family heirloom, or make an all brooch bouquets from jewelry passed down by family members.  Even the smallest piece of jewelry can tell a story, like this lovely vintage summer design we did for a bride on her wedding to her firefighter beau, we love the idea of including jewelry pieces that represent not only the bride, but also the groom, or the couple as the become a family.

Photo by Borrowed Blue Photography
Photo by Borrowed Blue Photography

Considering a brooch bouquet or a non-floral alternative for your wedding day, they have some amazing advantages, vintage and repurposed brooch bouquets are eco-friendly.  They also last longer than traditional fresh flowers. These bouquets are not mass-produced and are simply unique to each bride. They showcase the beauty of the jewelry in divine layers of texture, and when mixed with flowers, they are simply stunning, making you feel like a princess on your wedding day!

MeShenee Photography

If you are a DIY bride, these alternatives are easy to make.  For a brooch bouquet, start by collecting jewelry from family and friends, buy online at retailers, craft suppliers and auctions. Make it fun and host a bouquet making party for your bridal party.  If you work with a designer, don’t be afraid to ask about prices, sizes and shipping options, understanding that these bouquets are handcrafted and takes long hours to put together. Inquire if your  designer will help you include your own brooches or jewelry as well.bead3


5 thoughts on “Modern Floral Fashions for Your Wedding Day

  1. Love this post! It is awesome that you incorporate DIY tips. Your work is lovely, the best part is.. you can enjoy your bouquets forever!

    1. Thanks, thought it would be fun for brides that are doing their own to see what they can do, I was a DIY bride so I know it’s a lot of work to create your own decorations, but so rewarding. Have a lovely Sunday, hugs!

  2. Yes, I love the idea of these bouquets. Not only becuase their beauty but becuase of having them as a keepsake unlike flower sthat you spend so much money on and only having it for a day. Great post

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