Love is Brewing: Urban Chic Coffee Themed Wedding Inspiration

View More: http://meganchasephotography.pass.us/coffee-styled-shoot
Entitled “Urban Chic Coffee Wedding” this shoot is inspired by the idea that many of us fall in love over a cup of coffee, that our first dates today are mostly at our local coffee shop, chatting for hours as we get to know each other and fall in love. We love the intimate setting of coffee houses and the colorful mix of vintage, modern and urban of so many of our neighborhood coffee shops.
View More: http://meganchasephotography.pass.us/coffee-styled-shoot
The color palette is not your traditional coffee shoot colors but a spring combination of grey, pinks, terracotta, and peach with hints of copper. You’ll see this palette reflected in the decor and the florals, which include lovely “coffee break” roses in that dark terracotta color.View More: http://meganchasephotography.pass.us/coffee-styled-shootThe venue is Cervantes Coffee, a contemporary coffee house and roaster. Located in an industrial complex, the venue features exactly the combination of details the shoot included, contemporary chic designs, with hints of rustic and organic, along with rough industrial edgy details. This you’ll see in the details of the shoot. And the coffee shop is amazing, just the perfect setting, and I must add the most amazing coffee. View More: http://meganchasephotography.pass.us/coffee-styled-shootThe dessert bar was fashioned as a perfect complement to a steamy cup of coffee with coffee cake, doughnuts, chocolate covered espressos beans, tasty pastries and cupcakes topped with a coffee bean. The tablescape and the coffee bar were a mix of urban DIY with tables made of repurposed pallets, vintage coffee pots and decor, and burlap accents.
View More: http://meganchasephotography.pass.us/coffee-styled-shoot
We love. love the details in the stationery designed by Moments of Happiness Designs and Novelties, the menus have a lovely dot with copper brown which matches the grey, so gorgeous!  The place cards had a touch of modern that fit within our urban chic design.  View More: http://meganchasephotography.pass.us/coffee-styled-shoot
View More: http://meganchasephotography.pass.us/coffee-styled-shootThe lovely set of engraved silver spoons by Milk and Honey Industries, a perfect gift for the wedding couple.
View More: http://meganchasephotography.pass.us/coffee-styled-shoot
View More: http://meganchasephotography.pass.us/coffee-styled-shootView More: http://meganchasephotography.pass.us/coffee-styled-shootFor all DIYers, we designed a super easy component: the “Mr.s and Mrs” cup set, using a couple of cups we found at a local home goods shop, chalkboard stick ups, and chalkboard paint pen.View More: http://meganchasephotography.pass.us/coffee-styled-shootView More: http://meganchasephotography.pass.us/coffee-styled-shootLees_Baskin_MeganChasePhotography_IMG3118_0_lowView More: http://meganchasephotography.pass.us/coffee-styled-shoot
View More: http://meganchasephotography.pass.us/coffee-styled-shoot
Thanks so much to our photographer, Megan Chase Photography and our partners in the shoot
Flowers and Planning:  EightTreeStreet


Other Participating Vendors:

1. Spoons: Milk and Honey Luxuries 

2. Hand-stamped coffee theme hanging tags: Charonel Designs

3. Printable “Love is Brewing” sign: Borden Specifics

Models: Anna Joy Lees, Rebecca  and Jesse Baskin


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