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Fall Wedding Flowers and Colors Inspiration

Can you believe in a week or so it’s September! Wow this year has truly flown by so quickly. September, October and early November are some of my most favorite months for wedding flowers.    As the crispy air sneaks in, you can find beautiful color inspiration in the brilliant hues outdoors —  the jewel tones in the tree leaves and gorgeous Autumn blooms, that you can enhance with delicate ribbons and  jewelry, or with rustic additions like  pinecones and twigs for organic accents.

Here are some exciting color combinations for fall, enjoy the season!

Blush and Pink Inspiration:

Image by MeShenee Photography

For flowers, the color spectrum in fall is fantastic with blooming Dahlias, Mums, Billy Balls, Baby’s Breath, Calla Lilies,  Roses, Hydrangeas, and Sunflowers –  just a few to pick from.  I am totally partial to dahlias, which come in such a wonderful array of pinks, whites, yellows, oranges and purples too, and cafe au lait, yum!

Shades of Red with apple decor:

Photo Djijo Studios

Orange, Yellow and Purple:


Yellow and Orange with Sunflowers:

Photo by Borrowed Blue

Include seasonal fruits and veggies, decorative berries, and succulents to for a modern look. I used apples for our apple inspiration bouquet last fall and it was a hit,  a sweet design to add to a barn wedding or outdoor rustic gathering.


Burgundy, Berry and Cream with Dahlias, Roses, figs and cranberries:

Photo by Bonnie Sen Creative Photography


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