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Wedding Flowers: Anemones

Hot pink anemone, photo Mollie Tobias Photography
Hot pink anemone, photo Mollie Tobias Photography


Anemones are some of the most exciting wedding flowers to design with. They come in a variety of colors:  blue, white, red, fuchsia/hot pink, purple, burgundy wine, and white with a black center or all white with a green center, both much sought after for weddings. The blooms are delicate and last approximately 4-6 days. 

Dahlia and wine anemone boutounniere, photo Bonnie Sen Creative Photography
Dahlia and wine anemone boutounniere, photo Bonnie Sen Creative Photography

The  name “Anemones” comes from the Greek word “anemos,” meaning wind.  They make excellent accents for bridal bouquets, and are adorable as flowers for boutounnieres.

Light Pink anemones in a blush tint, photo Astrid Photography

082113-Procopio Photography-Carnegie Library-014Anemones are seasonal flowers, available from October to May, they make great accents for spring weddings, but  can be sometimes found in early fall. Most flowers are on the smaller size, with the exception of the new New York varieties which I’ve used and look amazing in centerpieces, and tend to a little bigger. Price per stem is to be considered if you want to add this lovely bloom to your wedding flowers. Price per stem ranges between $2.50 to almost $4 and more at the end of the season, of it you can find them off season. If you are making your own bouquet factor in additional bunches or stems so you can get the amount needed, their petals are delicate, so have a few more at hand in case you have to swap some that are bruise or damaged. But the trouble is worth it:   when added to centerpieces and to lovely bouquets, they are indeed statement makers.

Kate Spade inspired centerpiece, photo Procopio Photography, styling by The Bright Occasions

Hope you enjoyed one of my favorite flowers. Our next study on wedding flowers are scabiosa flowers, beyond the scabiosa pods. This flowers are just beautiful! 

Happy Thursday!


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