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Yummy Trend: Decorating your cakes and sweets with flowers

Cake and sweets  by Meli & Kanela, photo MeShenee Photography
Cake and sweets by Meli & Kanela, photo MeShenee Photography

I am really on this kick about flowers and food, totally loving the combination of the two, and the organic look it creates when you mix and match them in floral arrangements.  I had a fun time this year collaborating on a series of projects that included cakes with flowers and sweets with edible flowers.

Naked cakes took the wedding world by storm, and with them the trend emerged of decorating this tasty sweets with fresh flowers.

Red Velvet naked caked by The Cake Courtesan  – photo by Natalie Franke Photography, styling Hello Love Events, pies by Cakes by Rachel

I get asked to provide flowers for couples getting married, and I worked with a lot of bakers, and if this trend is something you fancy, start by making a list of those flowers you like and talk with both your baker and your florist about how you can incorporate them.  The fresh flowers give them a beautiful and delicate look, and I adore sugar flowers as well, but keep in mind that all flowers cannot go into your wedding cake, cupcakes or sweets. Some flowers are poisonous and can cause you and your guest some discomfort, so make sure to check with your wedding vendors about including some blooms that make your sweets pop, and are friendly to all.

Sweet Pearlz Cheesecakes with edible flowers, photo Megan Chase Photography

Some designs are elaborate and elegant and glamorous, but you can also achieve this beautiful and delicate look with one or two blooms, look at this beautiful, simple and dainty alliums styled for a fall wedding, and you don’t need much! _StyledShoot_MollieTobiasPhotography_MG3948Edit_0_low

Dinner plate Dahlia, photo Djijo Studio
Dinner plate Dahlia, photo Djijo Studio
Cake by Fresh Bakes, cheesecakes by Sweet Pearlz Cheesecakes, photo Megan Chase Photography


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